Our research

Our multidisciplinary CDT in Regenerative Medicine involves more than 50 leading research groups across our science-based faculties. We have direct training and translational links with the Manchester Academic Health Science Centre.

Some of our clinical targets are

  • Regenerating musculoskeletal tissues
  • Enhancing chronic wound healing
  • Regulating inflammatory responses
  • Inducing neovascularisation of ischaemic tissues
  • Developing therapies for stroke and nerve repair
  • Advancing gene/cell therapies

Our research is constantly evolving and new projects will be available each year. All our projects are interdisciplinary, involving two or more research groups, and are co-supervised by scientists and clinicians with complementary basic and translational skills. Specific PhD research projects within each clinical target area will be available for selection by our students from September 2017, for projects commencing April 2018.

We have more than 50 internationally leading supervisors from across our science faculties (including 14 clinician scientists). View this table for a list of potential supervisors that students on the programme will undertake their final PhD project with.

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CDT in Regenerative Medicine
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