We have more than 50 internationally leading supervisors from our two science faculties (including 14 clinician scientists). A list of all potential supervisors that students may undertake their final PhD project with can be found in this table.

Students applying for the CDT are not required to choose a research project before applying for the programme. At least 30 projects are available each year for students to choose from; these are made available once students start on the programme. Students make their project selection in February, after completing two or three mini lab experience placements to help them decide which area they would like to work in.

Some of the recent projects chosen by CDT students include:


Recovering the damaged brain after haemorrhagic stroke
Student: Faye Bolan
Supervisors: Catherine Lawrence, Stuart Allan, Emmanuel Pinteaux, Alberto Saiani

Vascular regeneration with functionalised biodegradable scaffold
Student: Luis Larrea
Supervisors: Tao Wang, Henry Yi Li

The role of reactive oxygen in wound healing in humans
Student: Kirsten Liggat
Supervisors: Jason Wong, Enrique Amaya, David Ansell, Andrew Weightman, Simon Webb, Ian Staples (Industry)

Novel proteomic-guided bioprinting strategies for osteochondral joint repair
Student: Miguel Ferreira
Supervisors: Michael Buckley, Marco Domingos, Sue Kimber

Photo-patterned polymer-based hydrogels for templated nerve regeneration
Student: Sergio Oliveira Formoso
Supervisors: Brian Saunders, Lee Fielding, Adam Reid, Richard D'Arcy, Alessandro Faroni

Study of stem cell-endothelium interactions to understand and implement cell transplantation for muscular dystrophy
Student: Linda Meggiolaro
Supervisors: Giulio Cossu, Nicola Tirelli, Francesco Galli

Developing novel sensory outcomes for peripheral nerve regeneration using in-vivo histology and sweat proteomics
Student: Ralph Murphy
Supervisors: Adam Reid, Jason Wong, Julie Gough, Mark Dickinson, Joan Benson

Stimulatory nanofibre conduits for peripheral nerve regeneration
Student: Periklis Petropoulos
Supervisors: Nicola Tirelli, Jonny Blaker, Adam Reid

Engineering human cardiac stem cells for therapeutic applications in heart disease
Student: Naomi Phillips
Supervisors: Neil Hanley, Alberto Saiani, Matthew Birket, Daniella Salvatori (Industry), Georgios Kosmidis (Industry)

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CDT in Regenerative Medicine
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